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CHS & the Environment

CHS & The Environment

The environment as an issue is increasingly important to all sectors. As a consequence of this, in the future all companies will need to be able to actively demonstrate a reduction in their carbon emissions. The good news is that Central Heating Services are already extremely proficient in doing this.

We are a responsible company

Central Heating Services have successfully implemented an environmental system that satisfies ISO (The International Organisation for Standardisation) 14001 and its certification requirements; approval was gained during January 2008. As part of the impressive ongoing training that all staff receive, staff have attended an 'Environmental Training' session, this is included as part of the induction process for new members of staff and periodic up-date meetings for existing members of the team.

The amount of paper used by the company has been significantly reduced since the introduction of PDAs handheld computer technologies to engineers; this has resulted in a 30% reduction of paper usage. The energy use in the office is monitored regularly and has now been changed to green electric throughout all of our buildings.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint

Central Heating Services has a vehicle management system installed in all of our vehicle fleet, part of this system is 'GreenerFleet', a powerful fleet management tool that enables us to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint. 'GreenerFleet' provides a Carbon Calculator which can determine the Carbon footprint and ‘Green Score’ of our fleet and can be actively used to encourage Greener driving behaviors. The carbon calculator works by linking the actual distance travelled to the CO2 emissions of the different vehicles in the fleet, giving a ‘Green Score’. This is proving to be a huge success in the recognition of less efficient vehicles that are highlighted as the first in line to be replaced or exchanged.

All of our products are energy efficient and their energy efficiency can be found on

Did you know, you may be eligible for a grant to help towards your energy bills. Go to to find out if you are eligible.

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